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DVPUVC212 is a development board for dual UVC LEDs. The board is powered only using an external micro USB power source. After powering the board, it automatically turns both LEDs ON at maximum optical power. The LED driver automatically monitors the board temperature to adjust the UVC intensity. The temperature sensor protects the LEDs from thermal damage.


LEDs' Features:

- Optical Power (Two LEDs): 21+21=42mW

- Electrical Power (Two LEDs + Driver): 3000mW

- Beam Angle: 30/60/120 Degree

- Peak Wavelength: around 270nm


DVPUVC212 Board Features:


- Voltage Range: 3.3V-5V

- Built-in Temperature Sensor for Thermal Protection

- High Quality Aluminum PCB

- Aluminum Heat Sink installed on the Back of PCB

- Fan installed on the Back of PCB

- Arduino Compatible

- Dimmable Using External PWM Signal

- Assembled In the USA


Safety Alert


  • This package contains high intensity UV-C light source. Ultraviolet light source imminent danger if used without taking the proper precautions

  • The user must be above 18 years old with enough knowledge and experience on safety requirements for using the UV-C sources

  • Avoid exposure to direct or reflected ultraviolet rays, it might cause eye or skin damages

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and protect your eyes

  • Do not operate the UV-C source with humans, plants, or animals present in the exposure area

  • Train personnel in using the UV-C source

  • Do not allow anyone to operate the UV-C source without reading safety instructions

  • Do not touch the UV-C LEDs


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