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The Most Advanced Cost-Effective

Ultrasonic Technology 

alignG is a portable, non-contact measurement instrument that utilizes a patented ultrasonic measurement technology. This innovation enables the use of alignG to be the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to monitor and maintain 3D printers and CNCs. alignG has 3 different versions for desired applications: alignG-P, alignG-S, and alignG-F.

alignG-S, is a compact proximity & Distance measurement sensor with Digital and Analog communication port. alignG-S has a modular design; it comes with the base unit (alignG-S) and some external modules (Such as: Development Board, USB Module, Bluetooth, …) that attach to the base unit like the pieces of Lego. alignG-S has precision of 2.5 micron (0.0001”) in proximity sensing and precision of 25 micron (0.001”) in distance measurement. alignG-S is the only bed leveling sensor that simultaneously functions as a proximity sensor for auto bed leveling and distance sensor for manual bed leveling.

alignG-S1      (In Production)

Precision & Accuracy

alignG-S has two measurement modes working simultaneously, Proximity Mode and Distance Measurement Mode:


(1) alignG-S as a proximity sensor:

Pin#4 of alignG-S is always 0 (0V) until the sensor is positioned in 5mm proximity of an object; then, pin #4 of alignG-S becomes 1 (3.3V). alignG as a proximity sensor has a precision of 2.5 micron (0.0001”)


(2) alignG-S as a distance measurement sensor:

The sensor measures the distance from the object and shows the result in its Analog pin (pin #7), serial output pin (pin #6), and PWM pin (pin #8). alignG-S as a distance sensor has a precision of 25 micron (0.001”) and accuracy of 50 micron (0.002”)



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